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Online Caribbean Stud

CaribbeanStud, first created and played in the Caribbean Islands,is a casino table game. Though less common, it is a fun game consisting of fivecard stud draw poker and blackjack and splashes them up, resulting in a funnilyhabit-forming table game in which it’s you versus the dealer.

Playing online Caribbean stud at Gambling Rose Casino is as similar to the real world casino version. The onlydifference between the online version and the real one is the fact that hereyou can choose yourself to play Caribbean Studpoker alone at a single table or at a multi table with other gamblers. Here inour online Caribbean stud,you don’t need to worry about the movement that the dealer or the players do.You can play at your own pace and you can bet much smaller amount than the livecasino.

After placing the initial bet, you and dealer eachreceive five cards; one of the dealer’s cards is allotted face up. Now you haveto decide either to fold or to raise and challenge the dealer. If you choose tofold, you lose the initial bet and the game is over. If you choose to raise,you bet an additional amount equal to twice the initial bet and determined as awinner.

Butif you follow our gambling strategy you can enhance your possibility of winningand can enjoy the game for a long time.

Gambling Rose Casinodelivers you with two basic strategies.
1.  Always raise if you have a pair or better.
2.  Always fold if you have a pair worse.



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